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Why Python is Important and How it can build your Career.

The IT Industry is flooded with a hell of a lot of new programming languages in the past decade. However, beginners are confused a lot about choosing the programming language that can actually help for building a strong and secure IT Career.

What is Python?

A high-level multi-purpose programming language is the Python programming language, produced by Guido van Rossum in 1991. The language is competent in programming

● Server-side Web Development

● Software Development

● System Scripting

● Difficult Mathematical Operations

● Managing Big-Data

Why Python?

Python is widely being used by tech giants like Facebook, Google, IBM, and many others due to unique features like:

● Platform Independent:

 Python can run on a variety of platforms/operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc

● Simple Syntax:

 The beauty of Python lies in its simple syntax. Unlike C, Java programming languages which use complex terms, Python has got a simpler syntax which is very much similar to English.

●  Less Effort:

 Python allows its developers to write programs within just a few lines, unlike other languages which demand thousands of lines for programming.

● Faster Execution:

 Python is an interpreter-based language, which means the code can be executed dynamically, which means you can execute the program as soon as you write it. This makes prototyping the system faster.

How Python Can Help in Building Your Career?

If you are looking for building a strong career in IT Industry, Python can be your smartest choice. Here are few strong reasons for choosing Python over other programming languages

1.Multiple Domains:

The power and simplicity of Python have made its popularity spread across various industries and domains like

i) Artificial Intelligence

 ii) Machine Learning

 iii) Game Development

iv) Mathematical Computing

v) Cyber Security


The list is literally exhaustive and is being used in various key industries like finance, healthcare, and insurance, along with fields like Aerospace, Defence, and Entertainment, Python is helping the tech-driven innovations, and new-age solutions.

Learning Python can make you richer:

Python programmers are enjoying a higher pay scale in the market, according to a story by CodeMinter, Python was ranked the fourth most popular language in the TIOBE Programming Community Index. Globally, Python developer hourly rates averages at $61-80 per hour.

Image Source: Code Minter

Code Less:

 Python is equipped with loads of libraries that can make the task of a programmer simpler. The programmer needn’t write thousands of lines and can make use of feature-rich and pre-designed libraries/frameworks from Python for fulfilling the requirements.

 Write Once- Execute Anywhere:

As mentioned in the beginning Python is a platform-independent programming language, and can literally run on any platform, or device. For instance, you can write a python script on a windows system and can run the same on Raspberry Pi or Linux without any further addon installations.

Highly Productive:

Python is an interpreter-based language, and any script was written can be executed instantly, as soon as you write it. This helps in saving loads of system resources as well as time. Debugging is also relatively simpler when compared with other programming languages.

1. Flexible:

 Python can be easily integrated with other programming languages like C, C++, Java, this type of flexibility can help in unleashing the power of several programming languages from a single platform.

2 Testing Made Simper:

Python has built-in testing platforms like Selenium and Splinter, which makes the process of testing and debugging faster and more effective.

3 Security at its Best:

Python is widely being used in Cyber Security due to it’s strong encryption capabilities


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