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Data Science

Why Data Science is considered as the 4th industrial revolution

The Range of data available with the innovation and technology up-gradation is humungous, Software Community is fast developing every day, Large amounts of data are produced and stored.

Many social networking sites capture every moment of your life, there is a company called Urthe Cast which launched the first private high-resolution cameras straight on the international space station and taking pictures of the earth, capturing 2.5 TB of data every day.

A large amount of info on how mining the data is done becomes more important, Data Science is derived from that demand. Through mathematics, a large amount of data is excavated, by learning and use of Data science, many of our daily lives can be quickly sorted out.

Data science is more understandable: we consider data as a language of communication between humans in words and communication between objects. That’s why, if we need to understand their means of communication, we need to use the potential of mathematics and machines to interpret their language. This method of translation is called Data Science.

For Example

Data Science used by Supermarkets

The increase in volumes of data and variety of data has also

prompted many organizations to conduct data analysis to improve data-driven decision-making. Your data is fundamental for marketing, where online services can predict your buying patterns.

If you are thinking of spending your online presence on Non-vegetarian food, The machine can predict that you will buy these goods very soon. So you will get more coupon offers from super marketing firms to get the sale done for them through you. You will feel more willing to come to this store after taking advantage of the cost. The supermarket also connects with you more firm by providing you a discount, so that you will not go to other supermarkets. 

Predictive Analytics analyzes data to forecast, what might happen in the future.

Why High Salaries in Data Science.

Data science was the highest-paid profession to get into. Of course, this obeys the fundamental laws of economics – supply and demand. The requirement for data science is very high, while the supply is too weak.

Think about the internet, how it was becoming a thing and people made a lot of money from it. Everybody is required to become a programmer, a web designer, or anything. Salaries were super big and it was excellent to be in those times but eventually, the salaries got lower as the amount of CS companies started to catch up with the demand. but still, the industry is above the average in terms of payment.

The same is the case of the data science industry right now. Market Demand is high but supply is really low, so the wages are still very high and Professionals are very much prepared to get into data science.

Let’s investigate the quantity and demand for data science:-


Decision-making is increasingly becoming data-driven, Earlier analysts would practice with software like Excel to interpret data, while only academics would turn to SPSS, Stata, etc., now things are shifting very fast.

Technology is has advanced to high levels.

  • Google Analytics for your marketing business.
  • Intricate ERPs that crackdown on data and study visualizations. Examples are SAP, HR, supply chain management, etc.
  • Tableau, Sisense, Microsoft Power BI for your business intelligence department, where analysts can visualize the data in unique ways and reveal wonderful insights.
  • Excellent developments in programming languages such as R and Python, for very complicated analyses with very few lines of code.

So, you have all these user-friendly instruments. You can manage to employ, with only a few employees, one can quadruple his business. So much is the impact of Data Science in the Industry and its requirement is rising every day. Are you ready to get into Data Science? You can learn Data Science through SSB Technologies online and offline, You will get hands-on experience of the Data Science modules and Professional assistance to excel in the industry.

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