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ML with Python Training

SSB technologies training of the python which is an object-oriented programing with machine learning for Real-time solutions of industry-related business problems is getting our students remarkable success in placements with technological giants.

This course is use full for graduates, postgraduates, and research students who trying upgrade skill set and also those who want to begin their career. This course has been prepared for the students as well as professionals. He/she should also grip of Python, that’s why We give python basics for Machine learning where students would freely explore the full potential of the Machine learning

Python language with its easy syntax and portability capability being open source programming language having the features of Java and C both, It is having the elegant ‘C’ code and also Java for object-oriented programming. One of the most Interpreted languages, having source code of Python program would be first converted into byte code and then executed by Python virtual machine making it an essential language for machine learning.

  • Easy to learn coding tools and understandability of the language,
  • Multi-purpose language as it supports structured programming, object-oriented programming as well as functional programming.
  • A huge number of modules covering every aspect of programming. which are easily available for use making it extensible language.
  • Support of open source community supported by a very large developer community helping in bugs elimination and making it robust and adaptive.
  • Advantage of Scalability of the programming language can be known by how it provides an improved structure for supporting large programs.

Machine Learning (ML) which is basically that field of computer science which can provide a crucial sense of data in much the simpler way becoming type of artificial intelligence that can extract complex patterns out of primary raw data by using an algorithm method, by which ML is allowing computer systems to be learned from experience by their surrounding past circumstances without being explicitly programmed or human intervention.

we train the students with all the major Machine Learning Algorithms and analytics such as Statistical Analytics, Regression Techniques, Data Mining & Machine Learning, Data Mining & Machine Learning II etc

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Emilia Clarke
Data Science - Student
"The course was well structured and our trainer was very thorough in the concepts. I liked the interview preparation and thanks to SSB Technologies I got placed well."
Emilia Clarke
Python- Student
"The course material and infrastructure is sound. They keep a watch on us most of the time. They really helped me secure a job. I liked their placement assistance. Very sound institute.”
Emilia Clarke
Oracle Fusion - Developer
"The faculty went to great depths to clarify our doubts. They gave us a lot of assignments and one very challenging live project. Great place to study.”
Emilia Clarke
" I have completed my AWS Course at SSB Technologies. You have really good trainer. I took the time to solve my doubts and explained all the concepts very well and his way of teaching is really good."